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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Effort pays off

Skip Giviner: "week three long run - 6.5 km
up early on my day off and before i knew it i was running down the confederation trail - i didnt even think about the gates (that i tripped over last summer) let alone try to jump them

can't say i was overflowing with energy but i kept putting one foot in front of the other and i didnt do too bad - i remember looking ahead to the hill on the dock road and thinking it might test me, but before i got there i was lost in thought about a cbc job in c'ton and was at the top of the hill before i remembered i should be tired - the next hill also didnt bother me and i came home pretty strong - stretching my stride to match the sidewalk slabs

stretched a little - 6.5 km wasn't bad at all - and next week is the same again so that is good news :) a rest week of sorts - though my middle run gets longer and the x training is getting serious - we'll see"

Great to see Skip getting into a routine and finding it easier as time progresses. As usual, once you get over the initial excitement of doing some exercise and then battle through the routine of a exercise regime. Things get easier. Of course a well defined goal helps and killing the pudge is as good as any.



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