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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Magical night running

inhumandecency: running, late: "I took the long way around, up the Broadway hill and down Huron Parkway. Huron doesn't have streetlights, and at 10 at night it was monochrome-dark and foggy. It seemed unreal, like I was running through a dream with the landscape sailing past me and the air seeming to close in over my head. It's a very beautiful place."

I just love running at night and the caption above describes the sensation beautifully. Apart from the obvious low light risk from injury. The feeling of floating down a dark street and perhaps the sudden adrenaline rush from a spooky sound or movement really gets me buzzing.

I'm sure thier are others out there who get the same buzz. Tell us about your best night run and how good it made you feel.



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