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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

You can change your life anytime you want

This is a great story, Pat changed here life by accident, but we can all change our life any day we want. Each day is unique and there is no reason to do today what we did yesterday. The choice is ours. Want to change your life read below and see how easy it is.


Run, walk, gasp to finish line: "NOBLESVILLE -- Pat Fox, 52, started running six years ago after stumbling onto the sport by accident.

The president and chief executive officer of Riverview Hospital arrived late for the annual Race for the Cure in April 2000 and joined what she thought was a walking group as the race was about to begin.

'Everybody started running and I thought, 'Oh, my God,'' she said. 'So I started running and, of course, it was run, stop, run, stop . . . gasping for air to the finish line. Thank God it was only three miles.'

A couple of months later, Fox, who had been a health-club member for years, decided to save herself some time. No more driving to the health club and waiting on instructors, she said.

'I thought of all the time I wasted,' she said. 'With running, you just put on your running gear and head out, no matter where you're at. You're not waiting for anybody but yourself and you save a lot of time.'

She now runs five days a week, often training for 5K or 10K runs every other month or mini marathons two or three times a year. She's run a marathon race three times.

'I'm usually always training for something,' said Fox, a woman of picture-perfect health who leads an organization that prides itself on promoting wellness. 'I do it first thing in the morning b"


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