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Will and Jake
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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Don't Eat before you Run

So before the marathon race did you eat anything? What did you eat?

Before a training run I don’t eat anything unless it’s my long run or I'm doing some speed work but any other run, like recovery run I don’t eat. For a big race I usually try and stick to that and have a couple of bits of toast. I hardly have anything because that’s the way I train. I train hard in the morning and my easy run at night if I train twice a day. I’m the opposite to most people. Most people do less, (a easy run) in the morning and train hard of a night. I’ll train hard in the morning. For a long training run I’ll have a couple bits of toast, So on race day I'll do just as in practice. Before a race I’ll get up about 3½ hours before it starts. If it starts at 10.00 I’ll get up at 6.30 and I’ll go for a 20 minute jog and then I’ll have a couple of bits of toast and plenty of water and then I just get to the race.

So you actually ran the whole marathon on a couple of bits of toast?

Yeah but you eat a lot the day before because you don’t need to eat on the day as you’ll get the runner’s trots. Especially, if you eat too much in the morning. Even the night before if you eat too much. So I eat a lot the day before. I have a massive breakfast the day before and a pretty big lunch and then you just snack and sip on water throughout till the race. That’s the way most marathoners do it, so you don’t get the runner’s trots, there’s nothing worse than that! It’s a bloody horrible feeling. A lot of runners get it. So I don't eat anything dairy 24 hours before the race either.


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