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Will and Jake
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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fourth in the Melbourne Marathon

Did coming fourth surprise you or not?

Even if I ran four minutes quicker like I should have I’d have still got fourth but fourth surprised me. There mustn’t have been that good of a field. I wasn’t really impressed with the time to be honest with you.

So how many marathons have you done before?

That was my first one. Butt still I trained for it and I know what times I should run by training and by the time trials I do and by the racing I do and I’ve got the endurance. I get up and go for it, 2½ hour run every Sunday, a long run and I know I can, mentally I know I can do it but physically on the day it's tough titties if I don’t.

So you expected to be four minutes faster than you were?

No. Some people are like that. Ashdown, one of my mates is a runner and he goes, I could have run a bit quicker if I’d had someone who paced in front of me or someone to chase. If there are 100 people in it I run how I run. If I do run with someone I don’t run behind them, I don’t sponge off them, I run next to them. Yeah, I don’t like or need someone near me, but most people do. They say they’d run quicker if there was someone but not me I just never say die, is my attitude.

So the other three guys are in front of you, could you have beaten them?

No. If I ran the wicked race I could have beat the third guy, if I ran a really good race, like better than what I was meant to run, I could have beat the third guy because he went out like a cut cat. He blew up, he must have hit the wall at the end and I could have, if I’d seen him in sight. I could have maybe picked that fraction of a second up and come third but the second guy was a minute further ahead. I would have had to run a really wicked race.


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