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Will and Jake
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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

How to train for a Marathon

When did you decide to go in the Melbourne marathon and how long did you train for it?

Actually I didn’t train for it exactly because I was injuried. When I start running I’m not real strict, I go from 80k to 140k in one week. So I had a bit of niggly foot injury for a while that stopped me from running. Really it was about 12 weeks of real quality training. Yes, I’d say it was only 12 weeks because I was in and out before that. I was silly with my training. I still am like that.Increase too much to soon.

So did you plan a training schedule for the Melbourne marathon?

I did it on the spur of the moment. At the time it would have been 15 weeks or 14 weeks before because my cousin Sarha was going over for a concert and mum said she’ll go over and look after her, her parents, my uncle and aunty couldn't. So I worked out the Melbourne marathon was on that week. Same as the Burnie 10, October 12, so I thought I’d do the Melbourne marathon. Mind you I’ve learnt from that I won’t do another marathon for a while. I need to get my 10k speed down. I won’t just rush into it. I’m not going to run another marathon until I get my 10k times down to what I want. At the moment I’ll probably train for a half marathon. I’ll train for 10k but I'll run the half marathon. See marathon training is a lot different, it’s a lot longer tempo runs for me and 10k or half marathon it’s more speed and like 5k pace intervals and real speed work like the 200 metre reps and all that. So not for a couple of years will I do a marathon.Does that disappoint you?


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