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Will and Jake
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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Melborne Marathon continued

So what happened at the end of the race then?

Well it was good everyone was clapping you because you’d say I’m the underdog because they look at me and I’ve got all these tattoos and stuff and they think he’s not a runner and then they see me running along in a marathon (the red race numbers give you away) and you get a pretty good reception at the end like even though I was fourth everyone was clapping.

How far from the finishing line did they start applauding you?

All the way. That was the best thing about a marathon the good atmosphere. All the way the runners you pass because they start the half marathon in front of you on the 10ks but you probably won’t catch them winning the 10k but the half marathon you pass a lot and they cheer you on. From the 30k the crowd’s pretty chocker block and right at the end, yeah, it’s like what you see in the world champs, faces of people up to the barriers up the side.

So the last couple of ks felt really good?

No matter what happened in the last couple of ks, I would have crawled across the line with the crowd. At the end I wasn’t even breathing. Like someone said you wouldn’t have blown out a candle. You’re hurting bad, your body, physically but your breathing ok. I was feeling alright. I walked off.

So what did the officials say when they saw you?

Nothing really. I read a few things, Paul found out on the internet saying there was this fellow he looks more like a punk rock star than a runner or he didn’t even have proper racing flats which I did and another fellow said no, he looks more like a snowboarder and all this, I guess because of the way I look. I don’t wear the proper running gear.


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