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Will and Jake
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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Melbourne Marathon

So David tell us about the Melbourne Marathon. How was your run?

Until the halfway mark. About 10 mile, 16k I thought I was going all right, I wasn’t far behind the leaders and probably at about 15k, 16k, 21k I was stuffed. I was going to pull out halfway. I thought I’m going to make half way, then I’m going to pull out but then I made halfway, I thought no stuff this I’ll make the 25k and then I’ll pull out and then I said I’ll make it to 30k and I’ll pull and then after 30k I cruised home.

So from 30k onwards you were feeling all right?

I couldn’t believe it, like you’d think that would be the worse but that’s when a race starts they all reckon but that’s where I felt the best, like you didn’t, you felt like you were nearly going to die but at the same time I knew I was going to make it because I thought, just something got into me to keep me going.

So where were you at the 30k mark, how far behind?

I couldn’t tell you. I remember passing Rod Dehiden at the halfway mark though and he’s been at the Olympics before, but I don’t know what happened to him he must have had a bad run. He was walking by then by the time I passed him and pulled out. No I can’t tell you because there wasn’t like I check the times but

At that stage did you lost touch with the leading guys?

Really from the 15k to the 30k was really bad, I just couldn’t find the rhythm. I stopped a lot to stretch. Actually stopped dead to stretch and just stopped nearly pulling out and then I thought, no stuff this I’ll keep going so after 30k I thought, once I got to 32k I knew I only had 10k, you think after running that far, it’s only 10k to go but 10k is a long way if you’re running 10k and I knew I was going to make it.

The last 10k you reckon was easy?

Oh it wasn't, your legs, you feel like everywhere’s cramped, you feel so dead, I wouldn’t say a blur but anyone that’s run a marathon knows what I mean, it's bloody hard. That’s for sure.

Did you have anyone alongside you at that time or not?

No, I ran the whole race by myself. Apart from the first 5k I had some people alongside me. Well the fellow that got third in the world champs and I remember him saying we’re going to have to drop this fellow because there was three of them, three good runners and I was keeping up. I felt good then as you do in 5k, he said we’re going to have to drop this fellow, we don’t know him.

And did they drop you?

Yeah. Sure. I knew when they took off, I wasn’t going with them no way. I was running my pace and that was it. From thereon all by myself, apart from one idiot about the 30k mark, thought he might run about 200 metres with me. Some young fellow being smart, having some fun ran out of the crowd.

So the other two guys that were with you at the 5k mark. Where did they place, do you know?

What was his name, I forget his name but he got first. Then Magnus Nicholson got third and he’s been away at the world champs and the second guy I’ve never heard of before. I don’t think he’s been anywhere before but he ran a good time. Nick Harrison, that’s who got first and he’s got third in the world champs before, he ran a good marathon time.


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