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Will and Jake
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Monday, June 05, 2006

First two weeks of the Half Marathon schedule

So can we have a look at your diary and see what you've been doing for the last two weeks?

Sunday two weeks ago, 30th April I ran 40 minutes down the shack and I've noted there I wore my new shoes. I liked starting new shoes especially when I know my time's up on the old ones. I've actually taken them to the max of 1,000ks or 1,200ks, they're only meant to last 800 k. I always get ASIC. I haven't run in anything different for the last couple of years. Always ASIC. Monday I ran 40 minutes. When I say 40 minutes, each 20 minutes is a little less than 5ks, so 40 minutes would be same as a 10k. Usually I stick around at the 4 minute k pace for recovery runs, a bit slower 4.05. Oh yeah, I did a session of Plyometrics and Pilates that day.

So that was Monday, 1st May. So on the 2nd Tuesday I ran around 40 minutes, about 10k and I got some more tattoos. On Wednesday around 40 minutes again, all the first week I run around 10k just nice and easy. Actually Wednesday the 3rd I ran 40 minutes on the treadmill on elevation 3. To break up running on the road, it's a lot easier to run on the treadmill and it's better for your joints because you haven't got the wind and you don't have the up and down hills. Elevation 3 is a bit of an elevation but that's consistent and then I did another session of Pilates and Plyometrics. I don't do the exercises straight away I do them later in the day or around lunch time. All my runs are done in the morning, all the hard runs anyway. Thursday was another 40 minutes and then more tattoos. I haven't had any for a while. Friday was another 40 minutes and I did another session of Plyometrics, Pilates. Saturday I went out of town so I didn't run but I was meant to run 10k but sort of went down with my mates and that's what you shouldn't do. You should do your run no matter what. Sunday I stepped up after a week's worth and ran 60 minutes which is around 15k.


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