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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hamstring strength through plyometrics and pilates

So what's involved in the Plyometrics and Pilates and what's the reason for that?

I had trouble with the very top of my ham strings, they're always pretty tight and no matter how much stretching I do when I'm fully training it's just always there. The exercise keep it stronger and keep the little aches and sharp pain away, I don't know how to explain it. It's not an injury it's just a nuisance. I do the exercise three times a week for about 40 minutes per session.

I'll run through them quickly so that you can just get an idea of what I do. I do two reps of sit ups. 50 sit ups each time and two reps of circles which are a sort of hip flexor, I do 50 reps of those each leg. When I say two times I do one set then have 10 seconds break then the next set. So two lots of 50 equals 100 each set. So I'm doing a fair few reps.

Then I do two lots of skipping. 50 two foot skips then 50 one foot step skips. Then 50 low squat and 50 high squat. The low squats really hurt. Then some push ups, I do 50 low push ups, so that's my nose stays close to the ground and then 50 high, arms fully stretched. Okay. Then two times circles again (hip flexors), two lots of sit ups again 50 reps, then two lots of lunges. 50 lunges on the left leg and then 50 lunges on the right leg. Then its time for my calf muscles and I do two lots of calf muscles on a step just raising myself up and down 50 times. I'll try and find an example on the net.

I use a medicine ball and do two lots of leg raises off the medicine ball, just lifting my straight leg up into the air, probably about 50 degrees I'm not very flexible so I do 50 of those each legs and then 50 with a bent knee. Then two times sit ups again, 50 reps, two times circles, 50 reps, two times skipping again. Some more push ups and two lots of scissors lying on my side, supporting my head lifting my leg say 60 degrees. They look pretty girly. Then its back to sit ups again then more circles. It all takes around 40 minutes a day. I go pretty quick, with not much rest in between.

I hope you understand what I'm saying, I'll post a list in my next posting and try and find some examples


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