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Will and Jake
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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Resting up because of Injuries

How long did you actually stop training after the Melbourne marathon and why?

Well the standard way to do it is to have six weeks off, have six weeks totally off or just do six weeks worth of cross training. But for me I can't exactly remember, I definitely had two weeks straight off, no running at all and then I think I slowly got back into it but I'm not sure how many ks I did in the third, fourth and fifth week but I know I would have slowly got back into it without much speed work just doing normal recovery runs. I probably had one speed session a week, a pretty easy one. I had to run in February so I sort of kept the speed up, but I can't exactly remember. Then I broke my collar bone. I was going well too, I ran well in February, raced a 10k had a good time and then in March, I crashed my motorbike and was out for a long time.

So how long were you out for then?

A week or two, I still trained with my sling on. I did a lot of hill work. I ran up hill and walked down because when I was running on the flat or down hill it was pretty painful. So I'd do a lot of uphill. I could sort of keep it pretty still and just use power with the other arm. I got pretty fit doing that and then I got injured again, the tibial muscle in my leg, so I was out again for a week or two. Its slowly going now, I'm beating it. It's still there and I'm still running with it. That's the good thing about an injury with your tibial muscle you can still train on it and it should slowly go. If you treat right so I do stretching for it.

So since the marathon you have had nearly three months training?

Yeah. Three months of crap really, pretty bad training, I've really only had two weeks of good training. This is my second week but its been a good two weeks. I'm beating my injury, I'm carrying it at the moment, but I'm getting pretty fit. I can tell by the way I'm running, the first week I felt pretty bad and then the second week it got easier well not really easier, it's never easy. I'm getting fitter and once I start the speed work, in another couple of weeks I'll be gunning.

So are you doing anything to get over your injury?

No. Stretching, that's the only thing, I guess I could do herbal medicine and all that sort of rubbish, but I don't bother with that, I just stretch it out and keep running on it. I've had it before and I kept running on the bad leg and it went, I don't know how but it will just go eventually.

What actually is the injury?

I don't really know, just what the doctor said when I went about three years ago, it's just the muscle, it's a really long muscle connecting from, your hip all the way down to your knee and then going still further past. I don't know where it goes, your ankle maybe but it's one long muscle and it's on the outside of your knee. You'll know if you've injured it, it swells up and at first it's a sharp pain and you can't run on it. It really hurts and then eventually it starts to ease and become more of a dull pain. You've still got to have some weeks off, like I did, I had two weeks off straight and got back into it.


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