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Monday, August 28, 2006

Just finished reading Run Forever. Cool guide to running.

William sent me a copy of his guide the other day, have you seen it?

He tells me that he sent it to his subscribers but no one downloaded it.  Its a complementary gift from William, he's in celebration mode following the launch of the "Run Forever" audio guide.  He's converted the guide into an audio product and thrown in a whole heap of bonus material, like 97 ways to stay fit, Great Smoothie recipes and a superb time management audio course.

He tells me things are going well with the new product but he was VERY SUPRISED no one downloaded the free PDF version. I expect its a bit like the guy standing in the train station trying to give away $100 bills. No one wanted one. We're all skeptics at heart.

Oh well if you received an email offering the free download its well worth taking him up on the offer.  Have a look back through your recent emails you might have missed it.

By the way did you like the fugees?


P.S I think you can get a copy of the guide here if you haven't received an email.

but your better off checking your email as there is a more direct link to the download page in there.


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