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Monday, August 28, 2006

Lee Troop captures Top Cross Country Run

It was my pleasure on the weekend to watch some of my countries best distance runners compete in the Australian Cross Country Championship. I was planning to run myself but recent damaged to my right knee put a dampener on that. Instead of risking my chances in the Melbourne and Burnie 10K races coming up in October, I opted for a spectator position instead.

It was a wicked race, Lee Troop "Troopie" was being lead by Martin Dent on the last lap by about 30m and then on the last hill Troopie caught him up and got about 10 seconds on him by the finish. Troopie's is a really tough fighter.

I'm glad I didn't run it I would have got flogged probably 11th or 12th. Even my new coach Kim Gillard would have beaten me. He came seventh even carrying a hamstring injury.

Only thing disappointing about the day was the crowd. Not to many people turned up. It s a real shame. People will head out for the football but not for running. Anyhow check out the results here:

Athletics Australia - Events, Results & Selection - Events & Results - News Releases - Telstra Australian Cross Country & Australian All Schools Cross Country Championships - News Release
No horsing around as Troop re-claims crown

26 August 2006 | 6.35pm

Dual Olympic marathon representative Lee Troop’s resurrection as one of Australia’s premier distance runners continues, with the 33-year-old capturing the Telstra Australian cross country title in emphatic style in Hobart today.

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