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Friday, September 08, 2006

Stride Rate

Concentrate on our stride rate, and try to develop an energy efficient stride. This will not only decrease your chance of injury but will make your runs easier. If you watch distance runners from 3000 meters to marathon they almost all have the same cadence of 180 or more steps per minute. Thats 90 foot falls with the left and 90 with the right every minute.

If you take only 160 step per minute shorten you stride and move those legs and arms fast. Imagine your running over a field of eggs and you don't want to break any of them. Try to lighten your foot falls and focus on a continuing rolling motion of the legs similar to the rolling of a wheel and run over the ground not into it. The less time you spend in the air between foot fall reduces the shock you will impart into your body each stride.

I don't suggest you do this counting ever time you go for a run but try to count your strides ever second run once every 6 minutes until you can achieve 180 stride or more a minute consistently. I track my stride rate with a watch counting how many steps I take each minute. Its tricky some times but with practice you get the hang of it. Alternately get some to count your stride rate for you.

Remember - efficient strides lead to easier runs and less stress on your body equals a happy runner


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