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Friday, October 27, 2006

Delay - New Runner's Rave Site

Hi all,

William's, asked me to tell you that the
"Runner's Rave" Membership site will be delayed.

The programmer is MIA (missing in action) and
William is looking for a new programmer to finish
the job.

He has a ton of complementary stuff to put on the
site, so sign up at the top of the blog, to make
sure you get access.

Of course there is always a pitch and there has to
be, runner's like myself don't get paid much and
coaches get even less.

Williams talking about giving our core product
"Distance Secrets" mentioning program away at some
absurd price.

Thats the program we developed with Kim and Jack
to improve my 10 km times. William has tailored it
to suit just about anyone and has recruited
experts to help you get the best out of the
program. I can vouch for it, I've dropped 13
seconds on my time trails thats an extra 70 m over
the 2.3 km distance and I'm rapped.

Basically we've taken all the hard work out and
given you the cream. "Distance Secrets" has a Vo2
max test, tables, charts, training intensity
calculators and heap of info, interviews and
explanations. All this and a tightly honed
schedule to get you running faster in just a few

I'm not sure what William's planning but he'll be
in touch with you as soon as the site is ready,
maybe before.


PS. he'd also like to have a "Grand Opening" for
the site. I have no idea how you have a "Grand
Opening" on the web but he's pretty excited. So
we'll just have to wait and see.


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