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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Do Anything You Can to Stay Fit

Many people who train competitively become extremely
fit during the running season and then allow
themselves to gain weight or become generally unfit
during the off- season.

However, if you do not like subjecting your body to
that kind of drastic fluctuation, there are simply
things you can do to maintain your fitness level
even when you're not training. First of all, it's a
common misconception that the only way to get fit is
to perform intensive, focused workouts. In
actuality, changing even little things about your
day to day routine will help keep you in decent
shape while you're in the running off-season.

For example, the majority of people will jump into
their car and drive down to the grocery store.
However, if you have a little extra time to spare
and live within walking distance of the store, do
so. Not only will you get the exercise walking down
and back, but you'll save on gas and car maintenance
as well.

If you live a little further from the store, ride a
bicycle. If it's the winter and you have a pile of
wood to chop, don't automatically start to your
chainsaw. Instead, like runner David Thomas often
does, chop the wood by hand with an axe. It's a
surprisingly difficult workout, and done
consistently enough, you'll even develop some muscle
tone in your arms.

These are just two examples, but the general point
is the same. The workout doesn't have to be drastic
to be effective. Changing little things about your
day can really make a difference.

Activity is the key. Whenever possible, set your
body moving. It won't yield the results of a full
exercise session, but it will keep your body in good
form until you commence training.

Our bodies don't like the shock of undulating
between "fit" and "unfit." Therefore, make fitness a
part of your everyday routine, and the benefits will
be truly long-lasting.

A little article william wrote. I though it might help those of you who are just starting the off season. For everyone else get out there!


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