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Monday, November 06, 2006

I Do Race - Really

There may be some of you that don't think I do any racing. With injury and all this year it has been a little quite but I'm in the final stages of my lead up to a 10 km race in Victoria this month.

As a warm up I entered a fun run last weekend held by a friend of mine, Liz. Here's the details : 280 join the fun at Longford
280 join the fun at Longford
LONGFORD FUN RUN By LUKE SCOTT , Monday, 30 October 2006

The 6km event was won by David Thomas, who finished in a time of 19:09sec.

Phillip Clarke finished second with a time of 20:01sec, and was closely followed by Nick Clark in a time of 20:09sec.

The distance was actually 6.2km a friend remeasured it for me after the race, hence the slower time. I suspected as much as I rounded the half way mark and looked at my watch. I've been training a lot faster than that in the last 3 weeks.

In case you couldn't recognise me, I'm 227 in the photo above.

And heres a photo of me racing a couple of years back without the tattoos.

See I do race some times :)


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